May 2022

Code is the law in Web3

AWS UI mess; linear migrations FTW

Week 2 Sprint

Week 1 Sprint

16-week sprints 🚀

April 2022

TRILL AUDIO update #1

The Clock is Ticking

Jan 2022

My views on Web3

Dec 2021

Oct 2021

A startup that stops you from wasting any more time because of your mental health

I'm in a rut

May 2021

Why use Flake8 to enforce PEP8

Poetry or Pipenv

Another One

December 2020


Lessons from moving DomeCode to DigitalOcean

September 2020

Do Github stars matter?

August 2020

Learnings From My Open Source Startups’ First 100k+ Visitors

June 2020


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